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*Kotikoira-services is taking a longer break, until end of July 2020*


Kotikoira offers dog walking and training services in Tampere area. On occasion, I work also in Mikkeli and Puumala. 

My aim is for you to achieve a smoother everyday life with your dog, and to enable you to provide your dog a good and balanced dog-like life. An important part of a good life for your dog is a trustful relationship with you, based on co-operation. Can we make it even better? Below a brief summary of the services.

Hope to see you soon! 

Smoother everyday life! 

Stress less! Make things easier, skip the routine and gain more quality time!

Life gets busy. The dog walking services are here to help you, when

  • Your dog, for which ever reason, needs to be left home, on his own, for a longer period of time
  • Your dog/puppy does not yet know how to stay at home, on his own
  • Your are unwell and are unable to walk your dog 
  • Your dog is ill and needs care and attention while you are away 

Your dog can enjoy his own familiar surroundings and return to sleeping on his own comfy sofa. 

Call for a "meet and greet"!

Dog walking & sitting - prices:

 1 hour  28,00 EUR
 2 hours  44,00 EUR
 3 - 8 hours  10 EUR per starting hour


10 time serial cards:

      Your benefit
 1 hour 245,00 EUR  -12,50 %
 2 hour 352,00 EUR  -20,00 %

Private lessons 45 EUR/hour

One lesson at a time or pre-agreed packages. Please ask for more details! 


The lessons can contain everyday skills, even one topic at a time, if wanted. We will always agree on the content of the lesson(s) beforehand, to avoid surprises. 

Training. Suitably!

When ever suitable for you, at your own pace and space, at home. 

For you, with a friend or with the whole family! 

Fixed training packages or tailor made lessons to suit your needs. Dog oriented private training concentrating on everyday skills and enjoyable co-operation with your dog. 

What would you like to teach your dog? What would you like to know about dogs and training, but are unable to attend or get answers during normal training courses?  

Behavior problems

I also work with so called "problem dogs" or rather with their behavior problems. Do give me a call and let's find out how I can help you and your dog! 

Rate for behavior problems: 60 EUR/hour + possible travel expenses


Training methods - reward based training

Training is always based on positive reinforcement and learning to better understand your dog’s body language, needs and stress. 


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