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Who am I?

Hi, I am Johanna Leinonen, working at Kotikoira-services in Tampere. 

Previously, I worked at various supply chain positions in IT, but decided, a couple of years ago, to follow a new path in life. Since then I graduated as dog training instructor. Currently I continue with further studies such as dog behavior consulting at Eläinkoulutuskeskus.

Working as a volunteer in different non-profit organisations and by fostering dogs, I've been entitled to work with various kinds of dogs. Big, small, peaceful, lively, noisy, quiet, shy and bold - all their own kind of wonderful. Shy ones are the ones I can claim to have most experience from. 

I train ID tracking with both of my dogs at Suomen Etsijäkoirissa and volunteer there also as...hmm...translation problem..."search and rescue assistant?" and trainer. At Friends of homeless dogs, Kodittomien koirien ystävät ry:ssä, I've been active since 2010 working also as adoption coordinator. I've visited Romania and our co-operation partner's dog shelters several times. 

I am a supporting member of the Finnish animal training association, Suomen Eläintenkouluttajat ry, and am committed to their ethical rules and regulations. 


Training instructor (Rakkaat Haukut 2015)

Tokoagi-guide (Dogpertti 2015)

Eläinkoulutuskeskus dog training instructor and dog behaviour consulting -studies (spring 2017 – spring 2018)

And I've been given a lesson in life also by some lovely, but very fast, chicken 


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